Job Hunt "Smarter", Not "Harder"

A proven step-by-step system to get you quantifiable results during your job search and limit tedious, time-consuming tasks

Take Control of Your Job Hunt

Right now!

Videos with action-packed content that show you how to automate your job hunting while you are at work, working. 

Have no more stress about your resume, cover letter or when (and how) you should follow-up with people and enjoy the job hunting process by reducing your computer time from 2 hours to 30 mins. What are you waiting for?

Accelerate your job hunt

Seriously! NO ONE out there is teaching you how to automate your job hunt in a way that you can still enjoy your life and do other stuff while seeking for a job. 

This process is tedious and frustrating because of the bunch of time-consuming things you need to do in order to get just some offers (read, apply, call, talk, write, reply back, drive, travel, be interviewed, walk, RUN!...). 

So let's be honest: everything can't be done "manually". 

Job Hunt More Efficiently

Learn how to waste less time on the computer and more time talking to people

Step-by-step lessons of how to automate your job hunt so you actually get positions you want to apply to without getting thousands of positions you don’t care about in your inbox (that make you waste time)

You're Not Alone in This

Get personal help from a community of people who are actually helping each other to job hunt so you don’t feel depressed in the process.   

Also, get all your questions answered by someone who has gotten 3 job offers after school and multiple job offers every time he has job hunted within even as little as a week!

Optimize Your Job Hunt!

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Get the Skills You Need...

How to know what you WANT to automate

How to use the tools to automate

How to network correctly

How to follow up with recruiters

Learn the common mistakes and how to avoid them

How to do all this 3x faster!

You Are Getting...

Video and Audio responses

24/7 Access via group or email. Get reply within 24-48 hours

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Get personal and private assistance from me via audio you can listen anytime. You will know exactly what to do based on where you are at.

A private Community

Discussions and Group Calls Every Friday

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Join our exclusive LinkedIn and Telegram groups and grow everyday through real interaction with fellow students!

Job Hunter Software Bundle


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Advanced Course

+30% more content that will deep into the details of automating your job search.

Immerse yourself in a longer curriculum so that no loose ends are left!

Increase Your Next Salary by 25%

Get access to how I increased my salary by 25% by switching jobs and how you can do it yourself

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If you are employed, this is gold for you. But whether you are employed or not, You can use this hacks to make your work life much more enjoyable

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Let's get started!

Get Hired in No Time



1. Getting started...

  • How the course is structured

2. Preparing Yourself to Get a Job

  • How to deal with fear of applying and getting rejected

3. Automating Your Job Hunt

  • What is automation and why you need it?

4. Accelerating Your Resume Delivery!

  • Visual Hierarchy


  • 5. Applying 3x Faster
  • 6. Accelerate Your Interviews Results
  • 7. Accelerated Networking
  • 8. *Bonuses* - More content is added periodically

About Your Instructor

Eyram Sotome

Eyram Sotome

Engineer, Job Hunting Boss, Neuroscience Enthusiast

I was able to get 3 job offers and great connections even before getting out of college. I have gone from unemployed (I quit twice to focus on this) to hired in a matter of days, repeatedly.

The reason behind my success isn’t that I was smart or knew what to do, but rather that I worked hard at improving my RESUME, SKILLS, and NETWORK. And I want to help you do the same and be awesome.

Get That Job Now!

$57.00 Job Hunter Academy Buy Now
$69.00 [Premium] Job Hunter Academy Buy Now